Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why did the CCF change its name to the CRF?

    In our past editions, we aimed to connect control engineering students with control-related companies. As such, we were named the Control Career Fair (CCF).

    As we are now adding to our focus the robotics students and industry, in the next year we will change our name to Control Robotics Fair (CRF).

  • Does the event cost something to attend?

    The CRF is a free event for all TU Delft students. All you have to do is make sure that you are registered.

  • For whom is the CRF intended?

    The CRF is mainly organized for the master students and PhD's of Control & Simulation, Systems & Control and Robotics. However, you are welcome to join if you are in your Bachelor or in a related master study field. 

  • What can I do at the CRF?

    At the CCF you can attend companies presentations, get in contact with their employees, ask questions about their work and expand your network.

  • Which companies will be at the CRF?

    We are still organizing the CRF 2023 and will provide an overview of participating companies later in the year.

    For an overview of all the companies that participated in the 2022 edition, click here!

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