Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy CRF

In response to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Act, the privacy policy for the Control & Robotics Career Fair has been updated.  The CRF committee is responsible for the processing of personal data of the participants as declared in this privacy statement. This policy applies to all the people who subscribed to the event and activities. In the following sections it is explained what data is kept, why and for how long, and with which other entities the data is shared. Finally,  the contacts to get in touch with us for any issue are provided.

1. Overview of the personal data

The CRF committee processes your personal data after you subscribe to the event through the registration page in our website. By subscribing to the event, the member agrees to this privacy policy. Below it is reported an overview of the personal data kept:

  • Email Address
  • Name
  • Study Program
  • Year of Enrolment
  • CV (if uploaded from the participant)

The CRF committee uses your name and email address to announce its activities, to provide you with services such as personalised name tags,  and to to prevent multiple submissions from one member. The study program and year of enrolment are used for statistical purposes. The CVs are collected only if the participant agrees to upload the related file. These are collected for CV checks and the case studies during the CRF event itself.

2. Retention periods for personal data

The CRF committee does not store your personal data longer than it is strictly necessary to achieve the goals for which your data is collected. After one year your name, email address and CV (if uploaded) is deleted from the database. The study programme and year of enrolment may be kept for a longer period due to statistical purposes.

3. Sharing personal data with third parties

The CRF committee will only use this information to provide you with services during the CRF event itself, or to comply with legal obligations.

By registering the participant agrees that their information can be shared with that year’s participating companies. This includes their name, contact details and any uploaded CV. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to this data given by the participants. Only the selected companies and the CRF committee have access to data provided in the CV. The participants have the right to see what exactly has been saved about their data as well as the right to make changes to their data or let the data be destroyed. The participants have the right to ask what happens with the personal data.

4. Photographs and footage

The photographs and footage that will be taken throughout  the event will be used by the CRF committee for marketing and publicity, in the website and in social media. If a participant has any special request about this he/she should contact us personally through

5. Access to information

The CRF committee has access to the database where the personal data is stored. The data is stored in Google servers and Mailchimp servers.

6. How we protect personal data

The CRF committee takes the protection of your data seriously. The data in the database is secured by Google and Mailchimp. If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of abuse, please contact us at